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Michael Vasquez

I am Michael Vasquez, exploring a better vision for the New York 22nd Congressional District.

$20 from 10,000 people is worth more than donations from 40 PAC's. Every dollar, like every vote, counts!

Elections are costly and take hard work. Visiting constituents, sending out flyers and information packets, arranging fundraiser events, and advertising are just a few of the things involved.

Incumbents have the luxury of having support from the State and/or national political party. They have special interests and supporters from the last election they ran in. Often they have warchests in the hundreds of thousands.

That may sound daunting, but every incumbent was first exploring a run and then a candidate. Having more money DOES NOT mean being the better representative of voters. That's why challengers win.

But it does take money and support of volunteers to let people know the that a choice available.

If you want to donate, and help spread the word that a choice is available for the NY 22nd Congressional District you have several choices:

You can send a check to:
  • PO Box 515 Binghamton

    NY 13902
  • payable to: Friends of Michael Vasquez

  • OR

  • You can make a payment via Paypal - just click on the image below or on the side of any page on this site.

    Contributions are NOT tax deductible

    If you would like to volunteer, pleae send us an email to Support@ElectMichaelVasquez.com

    Please let us know the times you are available, and any special skills or services you may be able to provide if applicable.

    Together let's make the 2014 elections in NY about regaining a connection to Congress and Government.

    You can learn more about me here

    You can read through the years of articles and commentary I have written here - don't accept anyone's summary, see for yourself.

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