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Michael Vasquez

I am Michael Vasquez, exploring a better vision for the New York 22nd Congressional District.

Who is Michael Vasquez?

Frequently asked question

  • Were you always a Conservative?

    I grew up in a family of Democrats, and like in many families that made me a Democrat. As I grew, and my experiences became more diverse, I found myself aligning with more and more views that differed from that of my family upbringing. While many of my family members have also come to agree with some of the views I hold, I remain the only non-Democrat in the family. Which makes for very interesting conversations at Thanksgiving and elections. My family supports me in my run for office, but as none live in my Congressional district they cannot vote for me.

  • Who is Michael Vass?

    I'm asked this often. I am Michael Vass. That is a SEC registered alias, that I created as a stockbroker to simplify my name. Since my choice to exit the stock market as a stockbroker I have continued to use this alias. In part for the simplification, but also as a means to protect my identity from those that might try to steal my identity as well as to provide a layer of protection from elements of extreme views that would cause harm. Over the years, as I have received more than a few death threats, the protection of this registered alias has been welcome. But as I am exploring a running for elected office, I believe that full disclosure is worth the loss of that safety net.

  • Are you a home owner?

    I bought my first and only house in 2008. I bought it in part because I felt that home prices would rebound and the price for my home was an excellent deal. Since that purchase I have face many trials and tribulations, as millions of homeowners have since 2009. Even so, I still own my home and recommend home ownership to those that can afford it.

  • Have you ever been in foreclosure?

    As part of my full disclosure I was to let voters know, yes I have been in foreclosure 2x. The first was shortly after losing my income from my business. In 2010, I like millions of homeowners had effectively lost my work and struggled. Upon gaining full-time work I took part in the restructuring of debt made possible by the Making Homes Affordable Act, one of few that was able to take advantage of this program - a nearly yearlong process which led to my second foreclosure notice and resulted in my exit from that status. Because of this, I fully appreciate what was done, and failed, in the attempt by politicians to help homeowners.

  • Have you ever filed bankruptcy?

    I have never filed bankruptcy.

  • Are you a member of the Press?

    Yes. I consider myself a political commentator as opposed to a journalist (which I have no formal training in). I have covered news events, interviewed politicians and candidates, and am recognized for my work. I can be found under Michael Vass for this work, and am in virtually every search engine in the world.

  • Do you speak Russian?

    Yes, though very poorly at this point. Lack of practice killed that ability. But I can still be somewhat conversational with that language. Sadly, this is better than my Spanish at this time.

  • Are you part of the Tea Party?

    No, but not because of any objection to the Tea Party. In general, due to my work with many politicians and candidates, I have mostly limited my connection to political organizations. While I have accepted invitations in the past to speak at Tea Party events, I am just as willing to speak at events held by Democrats and/or Republicans about my views as a commentator. I have attended events for organizations of various political backing, and I have learned that citizens are not restricted to a singular set of beliefs defined by any political organization nor should they be.

  • Will you continue your work with M V Consulting, Inc.?

    No. There is a direct conflict of interest to run for office and provide even commentary on politics. As such I have suspended all my work with my blogs and corporation. My full-time work is non-political and will continue.

  • To find out more about Michael Vasquez, please come hear me speak in your area. Check out the News to see when I will be near you, or contact us to set up an even I can speak at.

    You can learn more about me here

    You can read through the years of articles and commentary I have written here - don't accept anyone's summary, see for yourself.

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